Claw Tips (Scutch Combs)

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Claw tools, especially if rapid removal of material is required. They slot straight in with a tap, and come out easily with gentle sideways pressure. Each tip has 2 cutting edges, which means without having to return to the storeroom or hardware store, you can simply turn it around and continue working. You can easily and affordably carry spare tips around with you, so that you never have to stop and replace the whole tool. These tips have been used by the building trade, masons, and artist for years in the UK. Originating from Scotland (Gibsons owning the patent), these tools have improved over years of development from field research. The quality of the steel, the custom rolled section that is used to manufacture these tips, are all elements of design and development that improve how this tool works. Tips are hardened and plated to resist corrosion, inspected and packed. Available in pack of 10, 25 or 100.

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