Auriou Steel Rifflers for Marble/Stone

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These tools have their origin in the of Auriou workshop of 1856. These rifflers are designed for use on marble and non abrasive soft stone. Rifflers are double ended mini rasps connected by a shaped handle. They are designed for carving and sculpting and are necessary when you need to finish or refine a shape after the preparatory work done by chisels. Forge de Saint-Juéry continue to produce Auriou rifflers, Under the guidance of Michel Auriou, who has improved the range and the comfort of the tools. The tools now more closely match rifflers made by his great uncle Monsieur Duneau over 100 hundred years ago. The riffler shapes are now the same for shaping wood and stone however the stitching grain for stone is coarser than for wood. A significant improvement has been made to the body of the riffler . It is thicker and the octagonal barrel shape is now more pronounced. This makes them easier and more comfortable to use to precisely shape your work. The range now consists of 6 rifflers with 4 lengths/grains to choose from. These tools are still made by hand. The dying skill of free forging is still the only method used at Forge de St Juery. This method of forging improves the basic quality of the steel. They start with a high carbon steel, free forge it and then heat treat all tools individually to preserve and improve the quality of the tool. This is a common characteristic of all tools made at Forge de St Juery. See pictures below for a representation of the 15 stitching grains for stone. rifflers we stitch grain 8 to grain 12.
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